FAQ’s and Basic Wig Care

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Q: How do I store my wig?

A: The best way to store a wig is on a wig stand or Styrofoam head. Storing a wig on a stand or head prevents the wig from becoming tangled; it will also help maintain the style and shape of your wig. If you do not have room for a stand or head, you can fold the wig inside out and keep it in a plastic bag. Wigs should be stored in a cool, dry place that is free of dust, mildew and high temperatures.
Q: How often should I wash and condition my wig?
A: Ask yourself these questions to help determine your answer:
Do I wear my wig five to seven times a week or only occasionally?
Do I smoke or am I around cigarette smoke often while wearing my wig?
Is my hair typically oily or dirty when I wear my wig?
Do I perspire a lot while wearing my wig?
Wash and condition your wigs once for every 10 to 15 times you wear it to keep it looking soft and natural.
Q: What shampoo and conditioner should I use?
A: We suggest Godiva’s Secret “Keep It Clean” shampoo and “Keep It Sleek” conditioner. The rich, yet gentle shampoo contains natural plant extracts that help to maintain the soft manageability of synthetic hair while also removing any oils or build-up that have accumulated. Conditioner is essential to help prevent your wig from feeling dry and to maintain the natural feeling of the fiber.
Q: How do I shampoo and condition my wig? 
A: Shampoo Directions:
Fill a basin with COLD WATER. Pour one capful of Godiva’s Secret “Keep It Clean” shampoo into the basin. Put your wig into the water and swish gently. Wash one minute or less; then rinse well with COLD WATER. For best results, follow with Godiva’s Secret “Keep It Sleek” conditioner.
Conditioning Directions:
Squeeze one capful of conditioner onto your hands. Gently rub hands together. While wig is soaking wet, coat the wig with the conditioner. Put wig and one cup of COLD WATER into the basin and gently turn wig over in water. This helps distribute the conditioner over the entire wig. Rinse thoroughly in COLD WATER. Shake your wig 3 times, and then hang upside down in the shower until completely dry. Generally, if you wash your wig at 6 p.m., it will dry by the next morning.
Q: Can I use hairspray?
A: You can use a low or non-alcohol hairspray made specifically for high quality synthetic hair. We recommend Godiva’s Secret “Keep It There” hairspray. Never use normal hairspray on a wig; the alcohol content is too drying to the fibers.
Q: Can I use a blow drier on my wig?

A: NEVER use extreme heat on your wig; this includes blow driers, flat irons, curling irons, or anything else with intense heat. Synthetic fibers will “melt” and look like frizz if you use heat on them.


A: There are only two items that we’ve found to work on the high quality synthetic hair, hot rollers and a hot air brush. To make sure the hot rollers aren’t too hot, hold them in your hand; if they are too hot for your hand, they are too hot for the wig. The hot air brush works well too. I can not be held responsible if these items are not used correctly and damage your wig, so please use them with extreme discretion

 Q: Can I cut my wig?

A: Yes, however if you are considering cutting or thinning your wig, I highly recommend that you take it to a hair stylist who is experience in cutting wigs or if you have purchased through me either at A Selah Hair and Wig Salon or through my online store, I will customize your wig or piece free of charge.
Q: Can I color my wig?
A: You can not dye or bleach synthetic hair. Since it is a fiber, the dye will not adhere to it.
Q: How do I secure my wig?
A: We sell wig caps, metal clips and double-sided tape to wear under the wigs. Most women just wear a wig cap or nothing at all. For women with hair, the metal clips are great for added security. For women who don’t have hair, the tape is great as well!
Q: Do you recommend sewing in the metal clips? Do the wigs come with clips?
A: The wigs do not come with clips in them, but we do sell the clips individually for $2 each and we will sew them in for you for an extra $3 each.
Q: If I don’t wear a wig cap, will the wig still look natural?
A: You definitely do not have to wear a wig cap underneath. Just make sure you tuck any of your own hair into the wig and it will look completely natural!
Q: Can I get my long hair in a wig?

A: The easiest way is to either put your hair in a low bun and then tuck it into the bottom of the wig OR you can put all of your hair into a nylon wig cap. If your hair is extremely long or thick, you can put it in a French braid, or divide it in half and do two French braid pig tails. This will make the hair lay flat and evenly around the head.


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