Hi…My name is Lisa Stoneback and I am the owner of A Selah Hair and Wig Salon.  I have been in this industry for over 33 years and still have a passion to transform the canvas called hair.  I invite you to come in to see me.

  I am also a Godiva Secret Wig consultant. Whether you’re interested in wigs for convenience, travel, career, romance or hair loss challenges as a result of medical treatments, you’ve found the right place!  I don’t carry thousands of wigs, just wigs that look real! We will customize your wig just for you for free when you purchase from me. I schedule by appointment only and at this time I am not able to take walk in wig fittings.

A Selah Hair and Wig Salon offers an intentional and peaceful atmosphere in which to get your hair done, in the privacy of my studio  and I’d love the chance to meet you.


Questions about Our Wigs

What type of hair is used in your wigs and hairpieces?

A: We proudly sell Godiva’s wigs. These wigs are all made from the highest quality of synthetic fiber called Kanekalon. Kanekalon is the closest fiber to natural hair and even contains substances of organic origin, such as seaweed. It is very easy to work with, durable, long lasting, and looks much more natural than wigs made of other synthetic materials. Also, Godiva’s Secret’s color blends mimic the color blends of natural human hair, making the wigs undetectable, even to hairdressers!

During it’s manufacturing, Kanekalon is exposed to extreme heat treatment; this keeps the fibers from breaking during combing and allows the wigs to last an extra long time. Although it is exposed to heat during treatment, you can NOT use heat tools such as blow dryers, flat irons or curling irons on your Godiva’s Secret Wigs or the fibers will start to melt and look like frizz.

Our Kanekalon is also a “wash and wear” fiber, meaning that after you wash and condition your wig (with products made specifically for high-quality synthetic hair) you can simply let it drip dry and the style will come right back!

What is a standard wig cap?

Most wigs are made with a standard wig cap, which is usually not visible through the hair.
The cap has a closed lace layer around the crown, which the hairs are sewn onto by machine.
The hair is usually styled in such a way that the crown is lifted so that the cap is not visible.
This cap gives the hair a natural lift and volume at the crown.

What is a monofilament wig cap

A monofilament wig has a cap that is made in such a way that gives the appearance of a
natural scalp at the crown. Monofilament caps are made of a thin mesh-like material. Hairs
are individually hand tied at the crown, which gives an extremely realistic look. Monofilament
wigs lay much flatter than standard wig caps because there is no machine teasing at the crown.
*On our website and in our catalogs, we abbreviate Monofilament by saying “Mono.”

Why don’t you carry human hair wigs?

Godiva’s Secret Wigs does not carry human hair wigs for a few important reasons:
1. Our wigs are stylish, light weight and fun; human hair wigs are outdated, heavy, and difficult!
2. Our wigs average $199; human hair wigs average $800 or more.
3. Our wigs dry right back into their original style; human hair wigs must be restyled after washing.
4. Our wigs don’t frizz no matter what weather you’re in; human hair wigs frizz in humidity and rain.
5. Our wigs keep their color for the life of the wig; human hair color fades over time.
6. Our wigs are light and airy, like real hair would be; human hair wigs are dense and thick and therefore don’t look realistic.

What is the average life of a wig?

An average life span of our wigs is 6 months to a year. In many cases, the shorter styles can last for over a year!

Is there a manufacturer guarantee for the life of the wig?

There is no manufacturer guarantee because a wig’s lifespan is largely due to how well a person takes care of their wig. If they are shampooing and conditioning it with products made for synthetic hair, brushing it, etc. it will last longer then someone who throws it around, uses the wrong products and doesn’t care for it. On average, a wig will last from 6-12 months; although, some very long wigs may dry out quicker at the ends, and shorter wigs may last an even longer time.

How many styles do you have?

Our Godiva wigs come in over 40 different styles of wigs, and each wig is available in over 20 beautiful color blends; many colors even have roots!

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